Aaron Schneider

Feb 2019

This is fine class to have. While he is not the most engaging professor ever, he is fair, which to me means a lot. Most classes are discussion based. As said in previous reviews, he can be pretty involved in the discussion, which mean people are always looking to him for approval for their ideas, but he is pretty open to any ideas as long as they are well supported. He will step out of discussion if people can keep the discussion going without his help. His feedback on essays are very fair. Usually when I get feedback on my writing, I disagree with it and I push back, but his feedback made a lot of sense and didn't seem arbitrary. He as very willing to talk through essay ideas and is very helpful. I have always been one of those people who is hesitant to get help, but once I was really stumped on an essay and talking it through with him really cleared up my ideas.

Jan 2018

the only downside of this class is that it is at 8:40 in the morning. Prof Schneider is probably the best first year writing professor at barnard. He is ready to talk about your paper in great detail in his office hours, so it was easy to write them. He is a bit pretentious but not to the extent that you can't live with it. Most of the class ended up with an A.

Dec 2017

Great class overall

Nov 2014

Professor Schneider is a nice guy and a pretty chill teacher. Honestly the class is pretty easy. He tends to dominate the discussion which can be annoying, but at 8:40 in the morning everyone is basically asleep anyway. If people make an effort to speak up then he will sit back and let the discussion happen for the most part. He focuses the class a lot on writing and gives good comments. He focuses heavily on writing style and clarity, and much less on content. Overall not a bad FYE teacher and definitely seems easier than other FYE teachers. I would't say try to get him, but if you do get him don't worry.

Apr 2011

I really loved Professor Schneider's class. He gives really good, clear feedback on essays, and the assignments are really flexible- he just wants you to improve your writing. For one of the assignments, all he said was "compare two things." You really get to make it your own. He is so EARNEST, seriously that's the only word I can think of to describe him. I also never write on Culpa, but I wanted to because I feel like the other two reviews are really misleading. All the reading is interesting. We don't read books, just short stories and excerpts. Anyways, I love the class and I think he's a great teacher. But the reviews are right when they say the best part is the feedback on essays. I highly recommend him for essay writing.

Jan 2009

Professor Schneider does mean very well. However, this class was painful. I was looking forward to the course, but found the experience to be somewhat like pulling teeth. He is such a nice man and extremely committed, but the time spent in class always felt like a waste of time. His comments on our essays were very helpful, however, and perhaps I am better at using semicolons now. The midsemester meeting was also helpful. Schneider's strong points were editing our papers and providing direct feedback.

Dec 2004

Professor Schneider is a very nice & well-intentioned man &, that said, his class was the most singularly boring academic experience I have ever had. For two hours every week he would ramble about grammatical and stylistic conventions ("I don't want to get philosophical about semi-colons, BUT...") that could be much more easily and succinctly obtained by flipping through any major English style guide. The assignments were broad, easy, and utterly unrelated to anything else you will ever have to do in college; in-class discussion was forced, painful, and repetitive. Prof Schneider does, however, give lots of feedback on all assignments, some of which was helpful and all of which clearly displayed his devotion to his students.