Maryam Moshaver

Dec 2003

Maryam is probably the nicest person in the world, but her class is rough to get through. Lots of people dropped it. She expects us to learn a lot more than most of us can. She is always available and willing to give you a dissertaion on music history if you e-mail her a question. If you're strong musically Maryam would be great to have. Otherwise, you'll be straining to hear key changes that are impossible to find.

Jan 2000

the most haphazard class i have ever taken. i got a 76 on the midterm, probably no better on the final, and ended up with a B. Not bad, but it's probably impossible to get an A. She pulls out listening quizzes out her ass, and makes you memorize extra songs besides the million that are on the cd's. I mean for god sake how many kinds of organum chants do we need to know? as vesta was running down the hill? jigga what? you seriously don't need to go to any classes, because she doesn't test what she lectures. only know what the book says. that's what's important.