Persis Flor

Apr 2005

Yes, let's talk about Persis. She is always around 15-30 minutes late. When she finally arrives, she chats it up with the lifeguard or any other PE instructors who happen to be around. When she's in the mood to pay attention to the students, she just hangs out with the guys at one end of the pool while the rest of us wait for instructions. She's impatient and cold. If she isn't going to teach and we have a lifeguard on deck at all times, why do we even need her? I can certainly do without her bitchiness early in the morning.

Dec 2004

Swim is a fun way to fulfill the PE requirement. Yay for water! Most of the kids in the class are on the swim team though or were in high school or something, so that can be intimidating at first. But you break up into sections based on ability, and basically just swim a lot. This class totally improved my swimming skills, especially my endurance. Persis is nice.