Dan Nexon

Jan 2000

Somehow, Dan managed to make CC one of the most enjoyable experiences i've had here at Columbia. Do not be put off by the first class - he comes across as a little dictator. However, he is a brilliant man who consistently brings out interesting and often vehement class discussion. Be forewarned: you will work in his class. Requirements include weekly 1-2 pg. responses to the reading, two longer papers, midterm and final, both of which are difficult, yet fair, and consist of identifications. Readings are often a little long, and include several additional texts (Do you REALLY like Alexis de Tocqueville? Whoa doggie, this is the class for YOU) It really is worth it though. I mean, in what other class are you going to be assigned a paper on Nietzche, Kierkegaard and The Matrix? Dan truly cares about his students, is always available for consultation, and tries to make the class relatively fun and laid back; several students in my class still keep in touch with him.