Monica Cohen

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Apr 2017

This is a new class that Monica Cohen is offering. I took the class because i have taken her Austen, Brontë, Gaskell class before and loved it. Cohen is a great professor, she has deep insight on the books and makes the class accessible to all the students, even those, like myself, who are not english majors. She will meet with you outside of class and is very helpful in office hours. In general she is a wonderful person who cares about her students and about the works she teaches. She listens to what everyone has to say and is sometimes too considerate. She will not cut students off, even if they go on irrelevant tangents. I will say that this class sometimes felt like a book club but I attribute that to the fact that this was the first time she taught it. In her other classes, the discussion was much more elevated, insightful and organized. I would recommend taking this class if you want to read historical novels and have an insightful discussion about them. But this was not a challenging class in any way. Here is the list of novels: Jane Austen, Persuasion; Charlotte Brontë, Shirley; Charles Dickens, Tale of Two Cities; George Eliot, Scenes of Clerical Life; Elizabeth Gaskell, Mary Barton; Thomas Hardy, Mayor of Casterbridge; Walter Scott, Heart of Midlothian. Overall, I would recommend this class because I think it can only get better over the years. Professor Cohen is a sweetheart and ultimately this is an enjoyable class.

Jan 2010

I would absolutely take any lecture course Professor Cohen offers, however, this course was at times disappointing. A lot of any seminar experience depends on the class members, but there is a certain amount of handling that needs to be done from the instructor and in this regard, I often felt that Professor Cohen was TOO nice - wanting to make sure everyone with a hand raised got comments in and never cutting off people who rattle on FOREVER. Also, because she let anyone who wanted to speak do so one after the other, it felt like class discussions had no structure or consistency; lines of thought were rarely followed through. Just a bit more handling could have made this a significantly better course. Professor Cohen is really wonderful one-on-one and I would suggest meeting with her to review paper ideas and just talk about your experiences with the novels.

Apr 2008

Monica Cohen is exactly what an English professor should be. Her class was a perfect mixture of lecture and student participation. She asks a lot of questions that lead to productive, and insightful discussion, which is a feat, as any one who has taken an English class will know. I completely disagree with the reviewer below who said that her lectures seem like she is reading from her notes, as well as the reviewer who said that she talks too fast. Her lectures are interesting, to-the-point, extremely erudite, and somewhat complex, but she is always willing to break for questions or to expand on her ideas if the class doesn't quite follow. She is also amazingly sweet, friendly, helpful, and appropriately casual at times. The reading list is incredible and Prof. Cohen is passionate about the books, which is infectious.

Dec 2006

I loved Professor Cohen. Other than being the greatest personally, her classes were fun without losing focus on the texts. she's a total english teacher -- lots of discussion of the characters, few "answers" about how to understand texts, enthusiasm for literature in general. she expects a fair amount from her students without being at all unfair, and left a lot up to the students -- no assigned paper topics unless you wanted them; lots of choice on the midterm. she graded the essays fairly harshly but tended to grade better for the semester than the papers, especially, i think, if you talk in class. overall great and inspiring lithum class.

May 2006

I didn't find her class particularly engaging, though I really liked her personality. She's really funny sometimes, most of my class really really liked her. She just talked way way to fast to keep me interested. She'll probably be good preparation for the final though. I wouldn't take it with her again, but everyone else in my class definitely would have. She's a pretty fair grader.

Apr 2006

Monica Cohen is a very nice woman. Her lectures often seem like she is reading directly from her notes. Okay, they seem like that most of the time. And the class isn't terribly engaging, but the books (Pere Goriot, Persuasion, Middlemarch, Our Mutual Friend, Eugene Onegin) are fun reading, so if that's what you like the class is still worth it. Also, she asks a lot of questions to which no one or the same few people answer, and when they do, it's nothing insightful. But to her credit, she will correct them if they are totally off.

Dec 2004

Excellent. Although only an adjunct, Prof. Cohen did a great job in this class, which focused on 19th century British novels. Her own perspective on the books we read (Ivanhoe, Oliver Twist, Vilette, Jude the Obscure, Dracula, etc.) focused on how work and vocation influenced the culture and the lives of the characters - a pretty atypical stance in the English department, which tends to focus on literary movements or authors. Prof. Cohen integrated theoretical works with the readings very well (again, unusual for the English Department) and was always warm and engaging in class. She's also really good with comments on papers and topics (go to office hours), and led the class well by allowing lots of discussion without disengaging her own points. If you can handle a Friday class, this one of the better seminars in the department.