Paul Hogan

Jan 2005

He was great!!! Although I had previous musical background, I can honestly say that he was the best teacher I had so far at Columbia and that I learned so much more than before I took his class. It was one of the few classes I enjoyed going to. All his notes are online, there weren't any quizzes, except a few "pop" quizzes that he announced because he wanted his class to read, and the final was a 30 min. one-on-one discussion about a song. He's not a harsh grader, he's easy, just learn the jist of the notes. I downloaded all the music from his website, and the book was cheaper than most music hum classes. This is the best class ever, if u get him, you'll be fine in his class!

Dec 2004

A very nice person, Paul is a relatively new teacher. However, his class is very interesting and engaging. As a person of no musical background, I can honestly say I learned from his teaching. He is very passionate about music and successfully conveys this enthusiasm to his students. I would recommend this class.