Thomas Ratekin

Jan 2008

This professor was amazing. One of very few classes I have looked forward to every single day. Ratekin was interesting and always met everyone's eye when he talked and listened and was overall fantastic. Much lighter load than other first year seminars. Amazing prof, take something with him.

Mar 2007

Professor Ratekin's probably a very nice guy outside of class, but he seemed fresh-out-of-grad-school. He didn't really make sense most of the time in class even though most of the class tried to pretend like they understood what he was talking about. Also, in terms of papers, he's very "this is how to interpret this piece of literature and this is the only way." Don't fall for this, write what you think even if you'll get a B instead of an A for it (unless you're not trying to learn anything and only trying to get A's.) Then, go ahead just agree with him and he'll love you.

May 2006

In my opinion, Professor Ratekin is one of the most arrogant professors I have ever had. He does not understand the boundaries of discussion during class, and therefore pushed me to my limits, something that no professor or human being has done before. If you can, avoid this professor like the plague. He is not helpful, and does a horrible job advising you in how to become a better writer. The only thing you will learn from him is how to manipulate your papers into his form so you can get away with a decent grade. Although he did mail us our final 10- page papers at the end of the year, his comments for the hard work I did on a 10 page paper were about three sentences in length (which I had to completely rewrite from my first draft because he didn't think my idea was "original"). Again, avoid this man if you can, because you will not learn anything nor will you have meaningful discussions during class, because, despite his idea that plot is unimportant, the discussions revolved only about the plot and what was happening to the characters physically. Don't try and bring new ideas to the class, unless you have proof that 10 other scholars have written on (and those whom he likes).