Laura Masone

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Apr 2018

I took Body Sculpting with Laura Masone and it was great! She is super dynamic and intent on giving us a good work out. She is prepared and comes to every class with a different program which is good because we don't get bored of the class. I highly recommend taking a PE class with her :)

Apr 2008

Great class to sweat in - great cardio instructor. You will burn serious calories in this class. Masone introduces something new each week, like step aerobics for two meetings, then kickboxing the next. She is adept with combinations and keeps time well. Also, she allows students to go at their own pace, offering both high- and lo-intensity options. If Laura Masone offered a FitBear class, I would sign up to work out with her again in a heartbeat!

Dec 2007

I am not terribly athletic and was hoping for yoga , but I ended up really looking forward to this class. I admire Laura a lot...she's absolutely FANTASTIC - hilarious, smart, friendly, and plays great music. I thought the class was fun , a good workout, but not too challenging. You get to learn dance routines to old-school hip-hop! A really fun way to fulfill your PE req.

Apr 2001

This woman just might be the cutest thing ever. She has a great sense of humor, and you get a good workout. If it's nice outside, she takes the class outdoors to walk around Riverside Park. When class is indoors,she plays funky disco and 80's workout music (and she doesn't hesitate to sing along). But we warned: if you're looking for a gym class where you won't have to break a sweat, don't take this one.