Michael Scanlon

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Apr 2006

He's a sweet sweet man!

Dec 2004

Scanlon is the definition of layed-back, and so was this class. It often felt more like a book club than a 4-credit class, but discussions were usually enlightening despite their lack of academic rigour. This class was LitHum style, meaning NO directed discussion, which proved sometimes painful when not enough people had done the reading. Scanlon would jump in now and then to prod things along, but he never pressured participation--almost to a fault. He's just an easy-going guy who's genuinly interested in what you think about these Asian texts, most of which are at least mildly interesting. If you are looking for a low-stress way to fill your major cultures req, by all means TAKE THIS CLASS. You might even take a liking to Confucianism...but probably not.

Dec 2004

The class is very interesting and not that much work. Basically it's just reading texts and talking about them. Discussions in our class were actually very active, in part because there were a lot of interested people taking it, and in part because Proff. Scanlon encouraged discussion and asked questions. As long as you show interest and put forth some ideas in class you're bound to do fine. The proff wants everyone to do well and enjoy the readings, so he makes it as painless as possible. Theoretically, he wouldn't have a problem giving everyone A's. However, he doesn't lecture, and since the discussion is so dependent on the students, I would not recomend this class if you're not actually going to do the readings. (Though if you miss one occaisionally, it's no sweat.) Scanlon is also no DeBarry; he encourages you to present your own thoughts, so expect to hear a lot of what other students have to say and not so much about scholarly interpretations or historical perspectives.