Syed Naqvi

Jan 2006

the best instructor ive ever had by far. i have never met anyone as intelligent and intuitive. he goes against the grain of widely accepted ideas and literature to bring some light to not only contemporary pieces but life in general. an amazing teacher and and outstanding academic.

Jul 2005

Nauman actually knows a great, great deal about the texts on the CC syllabus, especially the second semester, but his delivery is frustrating. There were a few really amazing classes, and there were also a few dreadful ones. The quality of each class was dictated entirely by the handful of students who actually did the reading - if they read what he assigned, there would be a great discussion, because Nauman was an excellent discussion leader. if those students didn't read for a class, Nauman lectured, and his inability to distill the lecture into worthwhile chunks really came out. his desire to balance being the students' friend and being the students' teacher resulted in his inability to control the class, give serious assignments, and ultimately succeed as a preceptor.

May 2005

A brilliant, caring man who is also disorganized and cannot for the life of him collect his thoughts coherently in class. We continually got stuck on the details of a book and he handed us several trees worth of supplemental material every class when we never sufficiently covered the reading. He cares a lot about his students and how they do, but he is utterly lost on how to run a discussion-based class. On the bright side, the discussions are interesting and provoking if not confusing, and don't worry about your grade.

Jan 2005

A great professor. He is extremely devoted to his students and the course. His main goal in the course seemed not to teach the texts, but rather to help you think about the text. He would try to focus on some interesting details in each text during class, making the assumption that his students can read, and discuss in depth. This is great for those who want more than a "cocktail party" knowledge of the readings. While I didn't learn so much about the books, my way of thinking has certainly grown, and my way of understanding the books was greatly expanded. A great professor for actually learning about the contemporary civilization. If you can overlook his quarks, he's one of the best, most devoted, and most intellent professors you can get.

Dec 2004

Naqvi was an incredibly intelligent prof who really cared about his students, but he was too disorganized to cover the necessary material. He focused on a lot of random material that didn't have much to do with the actual course. He was also too preoccupied with dates and history instead of the actual content of the course. Coming out of the class, I don't have any greater mastery of the books than I did before.