Kenneth Waltz

Sep 2003

Absoluetely brilliant! You will NEVER fall asleep in Waltz's class and will walk out ever time with a new way of looking at things. Take a class with Waltz before graduating even if you are not a poli sci major.

May 2001

Waltz is as brilliant as they come. He is the centerpiece of the Political Science dept. You will get more out of his class than you could possibly imagine. He is very approachable and actually enjoys meeting with students. Believe it or not, but he has children -- unlike most profs at Columbia -- so he is more understanding than most other profs. His lectures are upbeat and enjoyable. He can be tough grading wise, but the extra work is well worth it. You will know your shit after this class. Whether you take Waltz's class in National Security Policy or in a different subject, it will be well worth it.