Mary Cregan

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Apr 2020

Avoid this seminar at all costs. I am unsure how she received a silver nugget so all I can say is that she has lost whatever skills she previously had. She is actively disrespectful to students' identities and has made every single student feel uncomfortable and unsafe at least once during the semester. On multiple occasions, she has responded to students, voicing opinions she does not agree with, with aggressive language. She hijacks class for at least 40 minutes a class yet weekly accuses the class of not engaging with the course (despite required online posts). She has consistently mistaken students of the same race (it is a very small class and there is no excuse as it only happens with nonwhite students). She is centered completely on cishet women writing mainly of rape or pregnancy. There is no space in discussion for trans people and I seriously wonder during every class if Professor Cregan a) knows trans people exist or b) is supportive of the trans community. In addition to making the entire class feel disrespected and unsafe, she is quite frankly an inadequate teacher. We have not done creative writing in this course so I cannot speak to her pedagogy in those courses but in terms of standard seminar essays, she has no clue. Though the workload is light, the class is absolutely not worth the headache Professor Cregan brings. During COVID online classes, she has been the worst professor by far, barely changing the syllabus. Multiple times she has gotten upset with the class for being less energetic. Once, she was upset a student was sick/not better yet despite the student possibly having COVID. Her actions during the pandemic have driven home how unreasonable of a professor she is.

Apr 2019

If you’re going to take Critical Writing, take it with Professor Cregan. She’s extremely thoughtful and smart, and the pace of the class isn’t too bad for a 4-credit course. There’s a fair amount of reading, but if you come to class every week you’ll be fine. I highly recommend going to her office hours. It gives you a chance to introduce yourself and talk about your writing which is important because you don’t workshop in class.

Dec 2018

This was the first semester Barnard college offered Woman in the Mirror as a seminar for freshman year english and I'm so glad I took it! Professer Cregan is the sweetest person! She really cares about students and their opinions not just what she thinks we should interpert form the text. Classes are super chill (although she goes off on a LOT of tangents). Also the material is very interesting, definitely one of the better selection course texts offered for seminars.

Mar 2010

Professor Cregan is adorable! She's nice, approachable, and a good lecturer. She is good at balancing lectures and discussions. This class is meant to be a lecture. So, although she always gets her lecture in, she always opens up space for student participation too. The discussion part is sometimes hard to follow, but her lectures are always on-point and interesting. I definitely recommend this class with her. Sometimes the reading is dry, but her lectures always help me to appreciate the books and see them in a new light. Some English classes are too student-discussion centered, and some are too professor-rambled centered. But, like I said, this class definitely strikes a balance. I also like that she is open to student suggestions. She always takes into consideration whether or not her assignments are too much. For example, there was one time when she revised the syllabus just to give us an extra session to discuss a book. Most professors forget that students have other classes. So, if you enjoy reading and good insight on the readings, then take this class!

Apr 2009

Prof. Cregan is a great professor. She has a beautiful, throaty voice (doesn't seem to be relevant but when she reads passages aloud it actually makes you want to listen). She explains the novels very well, is interested in what students have to say, and will definitely tell the class any really great points that were made in the courseworks postings. She is a fair grader and is looking for students to enjoy and learn the literature rather than just work for a grade. She is approachable and willing to meet with students for advice on papers or to talk about ideas, etc. I would definitely recommend taking a course with her. As for the class, the syllabus is amazing if you're interested in modern literature and don't mind reading somewhat difficult works. The books become a bit more difficult as the semester progresses so if you do the reading you should be well-prepared.

Dec 2006

Mary Cregan is: 1) An approachable, unintimidating professor 2) A fair grader 3) Supportive of other people's opinions during discussion, and if she isn't, she counters that opinion in a manner that leaves your dignity intact 4) Reads and responds to weekly postings 5)Gives papers back on time with constructive feedback (she's also more than willing to talk to you if you feel that her grading is unfair) 6) All-around,highly recommend. Do plan on taking this woman's seminar if you want to learn how to write and thoughtfully respond to criticism and apply theory to texts.

Dec 2005

I love Prof. Cregan. She is very intelligent as well as kind hearted and seems to have a reasonable understanding of grading based on students' capabilities. Consider yourself lucky if you get a chance to take her class.

Dec 2004

I LOVED this class. It was my favorite one during my first semester, hands down. At first, Professor Cregan seems very mild-mannered and soft-spoken, but underneath that lurks a very vivacious and fun-loving person. A lot of the class also depends on the people who are in it and the people who contribute to the discussion. So, if you take her class, be sure to voice your opinion, even if you don't think it's "right." She is very accepting of other points of view and loves when people "read against the grain" in papers and provide their own interpretations. The draft system on papers is very helpful, especially if you do not self-edit. She gives a check, check-plus, or check-minus and writes a ton of comments so you know how much revision you need to do. On top of that, she schedules individual conferences to discuss what you want or need to do with your paper and dedicates class time to discuss how to write a good paper. She is extremely helpful, always quick when responding to emails, and very good about giving extensions. I would recommend this class to anyone who likes to be creative in their papers and who wants to just take a really good English class.

Jan 2004

Professor Cregan is awesome! I learned so much from her, and she did so much to make our class a warm and inviting place. This was a great class with an engaging and passionate professor.

May 2003

I really enjoyed my year with Mary Cregan. She is sweet, very fair, and suprisingly liberal. She laughs at jokes and honestly seems to care about how her students are doing in the class. Your experience in class will depend on the other people in your class. If no one participates there can be awkward silences and it may become boring. However, on the whole she was a good professor. It was not an excessive amount of work and she is lenient with due dates and very helpful if you are having problems with your writing. Her class is very laid back and every once in awhile she will suprise you with a joke about sex or some other funny anecdote.

Jan 2003

This a a great women! She helped me to become a decent writer. She is a patient person and she works with you on due dates. Most of the readings were very interesting...some days the class seems to drag...but overall a good class

May 2001

Such a nice lady! Charming and stylish. Very fair grader. She's the kind of professor who looks kind of conservative and arrogant, but she's open to all sorts of comments and jokes and laughs heartily at them. Her class can be a bit boring at times, but she won't penalize you if you hand in your work late or need to revise your final paper after the due date. For those of you who are English majors and need to take critical writing, Mary Cregan is a high recommendation.