Oran Moked

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Aug 2009

Excellent experience with Oran. Class was intense intellectually but the atmosphere was relaxed if that makes sense. Good discussions, a lot of useful input and comments from the prof, but allowing everyone to speak up if they wanted to. Highlight was the reading/study guides he gave in the second semester before each class to help us focus on the key issues (makes a difference when you're trying to get through 50 pages of Rousseau and don't know where to even start). Another highlight: incredibly detailed comments on papers. If he thinks you're wrong or unclear about something he really tries to explain to you how and why, and most important what you could do to improve next time. My favorite class this year, no doubt about it.

Jan 2009

Oran Moked is an awesome professor. He's very knowledgeable and well versed in the material, energetic, and so organized. He presented this difficult subject matter in a clear way that wasn't too simple or patronizing. He put a lot of effort into grading and for each paper he gave back very detailed comments with a summary of my arguments' strengths and weaknesses and how the arguments could be improved. It was really nice of him to take the papers so seriously and I feel it'll help me write stronger papers in the future. Go Oran you rock.

Jan 2009

Oran is great. I have been at Columbia for a year and a half but never before had a teacher that helped his students to the same extent. He really goes out of his way to help make the material comprehensible, even though some of it is damn hard. His demeanor is pleasant and unassuming, and he also made every effort to be available and accommodating. I really liked the way he connected between different philosophers and drew out the relationships between them and their responses to each other. Great experience overall.

Jan 2005

I was surprised to read the previous harsh review. Oran was a good TA. I actually requsted to transfer to his group midway through the term (I was initially assigned to another TA) after hearing good things about him from another student in his group. His discussion sessions were well-organized and interesting for the most part, and my conversations with him during office hours were especially helpful. He was also very generous with his time. He did seem a little inexperienced as a discussion leader, but nothing too bad.

Dec 2004

I hate to be harsh on a TA, but I have to say that having Oran Moked for an otherwise incredible class was a disheartening, frustrating experience. He's probably a smart guy, but he can't express himself coherently and can't lead a discussion. He is absent-minded and confusing. Knowing that he and not Professor Goehr would be reading my papers was just depressing.