Mauricio Castillo

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jun 2008

Mauricio is a straight up great guy. Sure you are going to do the typical-of-a-Spanish-class busy work (some grammar exercises and a few short compositions), but its going to be more fun than work. Every time someone had a birthday, half-birthday, or life event of any type, he'd have us bring in party food and Spanish music and let us socialize and relax. The grading is especially resonable as well, and the mandatory chapter quizzes, midterm, and final are as painless as could be expected. He's an understanding guy that sometimes gets a little boring, but with the material he's given to teach, small amounts of monotonity are unavoidable. Basically, you will review your understanding of Spanish while gaining a newfound respect for Shakira and Juanes' Spanish hits. Definitely worth taking.

Dec 2007

If Professor Castillo is reading this review, he may realize that it is me. As a senior psych/education major at Columbia, I have turned to Culpa many times to read reviews but never to write them - until now. It would be a disservice if did not extol the virtues of Professor Castillo. I must admit, that after a semester of SPAN 1102 I had totally lost my passion for learning the language and went into full GPA protect mode. To avoid the gridlock of SPAN 1201 this fall I decided to take it this summer and Professor Castillo was at the helm. I admitted to Professor that I was a bit intimidated and he offered me assurances that he would make my experience as painless as possible, and that he did. The six weeks were grueling and we had to cram in a ton of verb usage coupled with reading of the Lorca play, Bodas de sangre. Professor Castillo possessed a style that was simultaneously direct and engaging. Although Professor Castillo is immensely knowledgeable regarding ’proper’ use of the language, I never felt put off or intimidated. He always encouraged conversation and interaction (in Spanish of course) but it never felt as though you were being put on the spot. He was also available for any questions after every class and communicated by email “with the quickness.” I am by no means a professional evaluator but I would say to Professor Castillo - Keep doing what you are doing. You are truly a gem. And I am not writing this review for any type of reward as I already worked my butt off for my grade. I know Spanish classes tend to fill rather quickly but, if you ever have a chance, grab a class with Professor Castillo. In a word - Gracias!

Dec 2006

In Mauricio's class, you will gain a greater understanding of Spanish with half the busy work. I liked this class more than any other spanish class I have taken before.

May 2006

Mauricio is an awesome teacher. He made class extremely fun and painless and always encouraged us to speak Spanish. We always had parties with lots of food. The weekly quizzes are pretty easy and all the compositions have re-writes which alter your original grade significantly. All in all, an Intermediate Spanish class that caused no stress. Oh, he also doesn't check homework.

Dec 2004

I really liked Prof. Castillo. He is friendly and flexible as a teacher. It's elementary Spanish, so there's really no surprises as to what will be taught. He speaks predominantly Spanish during class time, which bothered me at the start of the year, but I think it really helped speed up my understanding of the language. All in all, I really enjoyed this class and the professor.