Paula Loscocco

Jul 2001

She's sweet, but she's tough. A difficult grader, but a wonderful person and a gifted lecturer, Professor Loscocco is quite brilliant, and can keep a class engaged at 9 am on Monday - even when the topic is Milton. She's also very kind and understanding, and is willing to help you do well. She is overflowing with information that she really wants to share, to the point that your weekly assignment sheets will be three pages typed and she'll send out emails detailing arguments she didn't get to finish in class. This can occasionally be annoying, but Loscocco is just so gosh-darn-nice that you find yourself willing to put up with things that sometimes seem a bit anal-retentive. She expects a lot from her students, but she gives a lot of herself. Her grading is about as fair as you can possibly get in English - she even gives the class a handout detailing what one has to do to get each letter grade. Smart, difficult, but very sweet, Professor Loscocco is a gifted teacher and worth getting out of bed early for.