John Niccolai

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Sep 2004

this guy doesn't no how to teach, he gives a lot of abstract explanation in linear algebra with lots of unfamiliar symbols in his explanation which makes his lecture almost impossible to understand, he definitely does not have experience in teaching as my class is made up of only 20 ppl and he still insisted a curve for my class, my summer class experience with him was simply horrible, i would say , try to avoid him at all means, he is the worst teacher i have ever come across in my life

Apr 2003

John is an excellent calc teacher. He doesn't treat you in a condescending manner and is able to explain tricky concepts to even the worst math students. Plus, he is a native english speaker, he doesnt make you want to go to sleep, and he is a good guy who is always available. I highly recommend him.

Feb 2003

Very nice guy, very approachable. He tries really hard to make sure that everyone understands. Although it seems like he's not used to teaching, he does it very well. Grading is fair and webwork is not too difficult(unlike some others, who add problems that take forever to webwork). Quickly responds to emails. He let me give in a HW late with no penalty. A good professor if you're first learning calc or need to brush up from high school.

Dec 2002

This guy is a very good teacher. He takes a good deal of time doing examples which explain the tricky concepts every class. He rarely makes mistakes which further demonstrates his grasp of knowledge in mathematics. He promptly responds to any emails you send him and never treats you in a condescending manner. His sample midterms and finals that he gives you are very similar to the actually tests. I went in 15 mins before the final to ask him a quick question and he more than thorougly explained it without telling me that I should have been more prepared. Overall great experience and very good guy.

Dec 2002

JohnÂ’s complete knowledge of the subject, together with his ability to explain every concept thoroughly from several different angles makes him an excellent teacher. Though his personality is a bit awkward at times, he is very approachable and is more than happy to help with any problems during office hours or via email. John maintains a website which he updates frequently with weekly homework assignments and sample midterms and finals. In addition to written homework, there is also WebWork which must be submitted online. Though this is often tedious because the site will only accept answers in one form, the review is helpful, and in general serves as a good grade booster. If you are taking Calc and can get into this guys section, I HIGHLY recommend him.