Donna Bussell

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Jan 2004

As a grad student, Donna Bussell is surprisingly enthusastic. She has a few key points to make about each book, and tries hard to get discussion going. However, sometimes it unfortunately flounders. She seems a little too chipper for 9am, and my god that laugh, I cant stand it so early in the morning. The class is tolerable, but not great.

Jun 2003

whoever the a... was who wrote the completely negative comments about bussell is obviously enraptured with his own mind and ability to decipher intelligence. Professor Bussell was by far the most exciting and mentally liberating teacher I have ever been lucky to have. I am so grateful that she was my teacher

May 2003

The people who wrote those other 2 reviews condemned me to a semester of hellish 9am lit hum classes. Bussell's not evil, but thats about all she has going for her. Absolutely no command of the material, nothing interesting to say, and sucks and leading conversations. If you have any interest in literature, stay out of her section.

Aug 2001

I completely agree with the praise lavished on Bussell. She really knows her stuff and she's incredibly accommodating to her students. The books that she chooses for us are great, so doing the assignments isn't a chore. And she really makes us understand the cultural context of every work, which a lot of the English Department's professors don't do. Take her class; you'll learn a lot and get a good grade as long as you keep up with the books.

Aug 2001

Bussell's awesome! She knows a lot and is really open-minded and she's not out to screw anybody. She's the coolest teacher you'll have for World Lit.