Karin Almquist

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Jul 2002

I learned a lot from Karin. When I visited her at her office hours, she was always available and willing to explain all corrections, thoughts, and suggestions on my papers. If you are willing to participate and work, you should do well in her class.

May 2002

If you care about improving your writing and thinking, Karin Almquist is a good choice of instructor. She is skilled at clearly describing structural and logic problems with the overall essay as well as spotting the small stuff. Our class discussions were lively and she seemed to respect the wide range of abilities and styles in our class. If you show up for class, do the assignments, and participate in discussions, you'll do fine with Karin. If you want to skip class, or sleep through it, or hear flattery, pick a different instructor.

Nov 2001

This woman is well meaning but not very sharp. She's obsessed with "writing inductively" (whatever that means) and I found that after she decided that I was a B+ student it made no difference if I spent ten minutes or ten hours on a paper, that's what I'd get. Plus she writes really stupid comments, saying that the clearest things are unclear. She asks "what do you mean by 'this question?' and it's in the previous sentence. Very boring class of no value to anyone, but I guess there's no getting out of it. At least she's well-intentioned.

Sep 2001

Although I got along with Karin well and thought she was a decent instructor, she rubbed some students the wrong way. It made people really mad, for example, when she consistently showed up five minutes late to class with her morning bagel and coffee. I think this may have had more to do with a frustration with the subject matter and the nature of the course than with Karin herself. L&R -- any composition course, in fact -- is a difficult class to teach, and she did a decent job. She didn't do a brilliant job, or a particularly inspirational job, but she certainly facilitated real growth and refinement of composition style. This is, I suppose, the best you can really expect out of L&R.