Rebecca Bauman

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Dec 2011

She is a great teacher, Very accessible and wants you to learn and succeed! Her classroom demeanor is incomparable. She fosters a nonjudgmental and fun learning environment that supports success. She is dedicated to her craft and she is the person you want to learn a language from. The most impressive thing that can be said about her teaching ability is that roughly 75% of her Elementary Italian class signed up for her elementary II Italian class.

Nov 2011

Bauman is quite simply the perfect language teacher: she's funny, she's expressive, she has the shocking and rare gift of clarifying every grammatical point you could imagine, and she's invested in her students. But what I liked best about this class was its vibe. I think Bauman has something to do with that. Everyone in the class was cheery, friendly, and attentive, and I believe that Bauman fosters this type of energy in the classroom. I don't have enough words of praise for her.

Jan 2011

I suck at Italian. Seriously. However, if there is one professor who can teach me to conjugate a verb or learn passato prossimo, it's Professoressa Bauman. She's kind, she's animated, she's accommodating. She will meet with you past her office hours. She wants to see you succeed. I speak horrible Italian. She was extremely patient with me - take this class. There is a lot of work in Italian I and meeting 4 times a week is uber tedious, but seeing her smiling face every day kept me going. Quizzes are weekly and departmental, and are increasingly more difficult as the semester goes on. Professor Bauman answers emails quickly, offers extra credit, and offers encouragement and clarification when you need it. Take this class! They fill up quickly. This is because she is the best Italian professor, and probably the best professor period. She deserves every bit of the gold nugget she has been given.

Dec 2010

Prof. Bauman deserves every bit of the gold nugget image that is beside her name. I’ve been lucky at Columbia – I’ve taken 5 semesters of language, and all of the professors have been friendly, interesting, and fun to learn from. Prof. Bauman, however, might just be the best. As other reviews state, it can be intimidating at the beginning for Elementary Ital. I – No one in the class heard her speak a word of English until the second week, leading one classmate to quip quite hilariously, “My! You have such a beautiful English accent…” I think she said she was born in California… Anyway, she is extremely patient with everyone, and somehow drives the class at a pace that works for the more advanced (those who have taken some Italian/similar languages) and those who have had little to no language exposure. Each class is highly structured and usually involves working with classmates to practice dialogue and complete worksheets. Often times, she will use a song, movie clip, or powerpoint to help make the learning more interactive with Italian culture – not only does this help, but it makes the class a lot of fun as well. She is more than a fair grader, and you feel like you are graded on effort as much as anything. She is always smiling, always patient, and so unbelievably down to earth. I get the impression that every single person in the class likes her.

Dec 2010

Professor Bauman is a really fun teacher. I loved her class and learned much more Italian than I expected in the most painless and fun way possible. Although I was only expecting to take one class of Italian in order to understand all the Italian opera I listen to better, she has inspired me to continue Italian although I have already finished my language requirement! I would absolutely recommend that you try to take a course with Rebecca!

Jan 2009

What a fantastic professor! From the moment you step in on the first day of class, Rebecca immerses you in the language. This is a little intimidating at first, as you don't know what she's babbling on about, but she's so good at engaging her students and helping them to learn the material that just a few weeks into the semester you'll feel how much of the language you've already learned. You don't just memorize in this class and then spit out the answers on exams - you have to really use what you're learning. The 6:10-8 PM time slot can be a little tiring and the length can definitely find you getting bored towards the end, but this class is an easier A so long as you do the work.

Jan 2005

I could not have asked for a better first-time Italian teacher than Rebecca Bauman. Always cheerful and always energetic, she put me at ease immediately, along with the entire class. One of my biggest fears in language classes was always speaking aloud, but she let me and my fellow students know that it was okay to make mistakes, and that made us try even harder. She often starts out the class with short questions/conversation, and is more than happy to go over things more than once and explain them in different ways so that everyone understands. I often admired her for her ability to stay focused as well as kind in a class full of students who very often seemed not to care at all (I can guess that most of them were only taking the class to fulfill a language requirement). I can say with assurance that even the people who didn't want to be there early in the morning could not help but love her as a teacher anyway. I would take her again for Elementary II if it fit my schedule, but sadly it does not. If you have her, be thankful that you will actually spend a semester LEARNING!

Jan 2005

I studied with her as a beginner. I enjoyed the class and her instruction and learned a lot along the way. I only wish I could've taken all my Italian courses with her.

Dec 2004

Professoressa Bauman is amazing. She is always available for help before or after class or through e-mail. She is understanding and incredibly nice. The class was a lot of fun because of her sense of humor and creativity... I think the whole class can agree that we were never bored. She concentrates on conversation and teaching through experience rather than the teaching in a textbook format. Her laidback yet fun and exciting classroom atmosphere was reason enough to get me up in the morning. HIGHLY recommended!!!!