Alex Moulton

Apr 2002

While no one in my section referred to him as 'Sir Alex' (although he frequently does a rather terrible impression of a British accent in attempt to parody pretentious intellectuals), he does have an air of scholarship about him that is well-deserved. He knows a ridiculous amount of Latin terminology for errors in logic, and even though I didn't care to memorize any of these terms, I did come away from the class a better writer and editor of my own work. Despite this outwardly nerdy quality, he's completely unpretentious and has a rather self-depricating sense of humor. His grading accurately reflects the amount of work you put into your assignments, so while the course isn't easy, it is rewarding if you put in the time. He certainly puts in his share of it -- he writes at least a couple of paragreaphs of considerably accurate and detailed criticisms of your work, even for the short papers. Most importantly (and I wanted to save this for the end), he's hot. I don't mean like 'good-looking in that sort of I-would-deign-to-sleep-with-you-for-a-better-grade' kind of way either. I would sleep with him regardless. So if you don't enjoy writing, at least you'll want to show up to class.

Sep 2001

Alex Moulton, or Sir Alex as some of us called him, made the usually painful experience of L&R somewhat less like torture and more like actual learning. He was funny and engaging and was able to calmly deal with the inevitable know-it-all (and lemme tell you there will be one in your class and you will want to kill him/her). His grading was by no means easy but it was fair and revisions allowed room for considerable improvement. If you can get into his section it's worth it.