John Horvitz

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Apr 2003

The best teacher I have ever had....not only do you stay awake during lectures, you WANT to GO to lectures. He is brilliant, and makes all of the material he covers interesting. HOWEVER--i underestimated the enjoyment for study and go to lecture....he is a lot more detail oriented than you think. If you are thinking about taking a psych class THIS CLASS IS THE ONE YOU SHOULD TAKE!!!

Jul 2002

I took advice from the last person who reviewed Professor Horvitz and found out that everything that was said was right on the mark! Prof. Horvitz is amazing, and there's no other way to describe him. Classes were informative and so interesting, and sometimes he supplemented stuff with great videos. He also explained stuff lots of times until you understood it, and was totally willing to talk to you after class or in office hours. Best part: he put everything in class on downloadable powerpoint slides that help you study, and he tells really bad jokes about himself and his friends that had our whole class on the floor. Just an all-around incredibly nice guy and amazing professor

May 2002

Prof Horvitz is great lecturer. He always comes well prepared with clear slide show demonstrations. He really knows his stuff and is passionate about teaching. Additionally, he has a very good sense of humor, which is compunded by the fact that he often laughs at his own jokes. Overall, a great class to take even if u despise science.

Jan 2000

On the first day of class you will realize that you are recieving strange vibes from Dr. Horovitz. It took me a while to realize what those vibes were...I was listening to a lecture being given by someone who is actually excited by what he is lecturing about. Dr. Horovitz's enthusiasm is refreshing, and rubs off on his students. Lectures are very interesting and range from involved philosophical discussions to biological terminology presented in a straightforward manner. Inviting, happy to give personal attention if it is sought out. Exams are not terribly difficult, but not easy either. The grading system is one of the fairest that I have ever encountered. All in all one of the best classes and the best professor I have ever had.

Jan 2000

One of the best courses the Psychology department has to offer. The professor is engaging, funny, and always willing to help. He comes to class very organized and usually has a PowerPoint presentation to supplement the lectures. The workload is tolerable and the tests are straight-forward.