Timothy Halpin-Healy

Dec 2020

lol this guy sucks. the review from 2001 is the most accurate. he is incredibly disorganized, assigns really hard and impossible exams/assignments. he spends most of office hours blabbing about random things instead of answering your question. there are 7 textbooks and no syllabus. he also gives whatever grade he wants to give you bc everyone fails the exams (like the average was a 50). tbh only take this course if you need it for the requirement, you wont learn much and itll be absolutely miserable but it is what it is.

Mar 2006

Professor Halpin-Healy is 'special.' He is very very dedicated to his students and he loves teaching. The waves class is pretty challenging, and I think the more time you put in the more you get out of the class and him. It is worth it to take less classes the semester you take the waves class. I, personally, like him a lot. I don't have anything bad to say about him(because I put in a lot of time, learned a lot, and did well in the class), although i have heard negative comments about him that are not unwarranted. I think that after his class, you will either love physics a lot more or a lot less. If you are unsure about being a physics major, this class will definatley help you make up your mind. It is a great experience, the class size is usually small. Classroom is TINY (510c) so be prepared to go to all classes because he will notice and make you feel guilty you didn't go.

Jan 2005

You'll probably hear bad things about him, and he does expect a lot with labs and homework sets. However, at least in my experience, lab has pretty fun experiments and the TA (Becky Grossman, if she's still doing it) is great. Sometimes the lectures and hw problems seemed unconnected, but if you thought about it you could see the relations. You'll probably be bored to tears by this class if you don't like physics, but if you do it's worthwhile and ends up being useful, even if you're not a physics major. I like it, overall.

Nov 2002

If there is one fault with this man, it is that he cares too much. He is one of the most dedicated teachers I have ever met. I like his colored chalk because it is nice to have topics color-coaded, I think it is easier to understand an already difficult subject, He is fair and always there if you need help. The man actually gave me his home phone number during fall break so that I could contact him if I had questions about a take home midterm that he had assigned (the class scheduled the exam for fall break by the way). He loves physics and he loves to teach so I think he is great and if you work hard you can do very well. He does not care what the scores are you get, what he really cares about is if you understand the material

Apr 2002

Avoid his class if possible. He might be a nice, intelligent man, but he has no conception of how to teach. He spends the class writing out complete sentences on the board and drawing pretty pictures with lots of colored chalk. Art school drop-out? There is no recitation but he expects you to go to office hours at least once a week. If you get the chance, take the Columbia physics sequence and spare yourself the pain.

Nov 2001

I think Prof. Halpin-Healy only teaches this course during the summer and that's a good thing. The class really sucks. His lectures frequently run over and he expects immediate comprehension of ideas within the class period. Much of what is covered in class is irrelevant for the exams. Material on the exams is difficult and usually unlike that from the text problems. The upside is that most people can pull a B without really learning too much (except perhaps that physics is a horrible, stressful thing).