Marc Berley

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Mar 2003

Prof. Berley is pretentious, unable to adequately lead a discussion (or even allow a discussion to occur without stifling it), and in no way helped me to further understand or enjoy the texts. He had clear favorites who could say nothing wrong, while everyone else could say nothing right. He would ignore people who weren't his favorites when they raised their hands. He would ask questions that appeared to be open-ended, but clearly only wanted one specific question. The class only became manageable once I discovered that the rest of the students hated him as much as I did and we were able to bitch about it at the west end after class. There are so many good english classes at Barnard, it's silly to waste your time taking this horrible one.

Jan 2002

Compared with other lit hum teachers I've heard about, Marc Berley isn't that bad. Classes are generally fairly interesting, and he does encourage class discussion (although he does tend to only allow the class to discuss what he wants to discuss). He is generally a fair grader and more effort will result in a better grade. He does make a great deal of effort to get to know members of the class and help people who ask for it. Watch out for the papers, they're 25 percent of your grade so you cant afford to screw up!

Jan 2002

Prof. Berley's class is giving me a very good Lit Hum experience. Class discussions are productive, and he is good at getting to the heart of the work in question. He encourages participation, and makes up for it himself when it is lacking. He did make a mistake in his interpretation of the Hebrew Bible once, but corrected himself and apologised as soon as he realised. Prof. Berley loves these books and this rubs off. He's a nice guy, gives useful feedback, and is very accessible outside of class as well.

Dec 2001

Professor Berley is one of the better Lit Hum Instructors, making the class discussions pretty conclusive and productive. This man likes to talk which is not necessarily a bad thing when the class doesn't really think about participating. Berley is very open in his discussions and willing to help outside class; he grades all his assignments strictly but fairly.

Nov 2001

Professor Berley is definitely a good guy to take Lit Hum with. He is a Barnard professor primarily though, so I think he will only teach at Columbia on rare occasions. Too bad, because he was definitely a thought-provoking, engaging teacher. And he's also a very nice guy. He somehow found a way to make the most pointless books on the Lit Hum syllabus interesting, even Thucydides.