Nicole Rizzuto

May 2003

Nicole was a truly wonderful teacher. Her grasp of literary theory, particularly deconstruction, was top-notch. Her ability to move from the particular to the universal was especially impressivem and her clothes are compelling. Although I disagreed with her (silently) at times about the relationships between inductive reasoning and the logic of the catachresis, overall I found her to be a very good gateway into the beautiful realm of theoretical writing. Using techniques from her class, I got an A on every paper i wrote in other classes, even if i only got an A- in her class. Highly recommended, she will be one of those intellectuals some day that you say, "I studied with her way back when...." I love her.

Mar 2002

Classes are pretty boring and dry, and the assignments frequently center around exceptionally challenging topics. Grading is pretty hard and frequently nitpicky. However, she knows her stuff and is nice outside of class. She also is flexible with due dates if you have a valid excuse.

Nov 2001

I have to disagree with the previous review. Although class with Nicole can be boring and painful, I think it's more a result of the fact that it's L&R as opposed to the fact that Nicole is teaching it. She's very intelligent and is more than willing to help you out of class, and as far as other L&R teachers go, she's probably one of the better ones. In addition, she has a great grasp of other, more interesting concepts - - what she knows, she knows. We had some very fascinating debates in class. If you have to suffer through L&R, you might as well do it with Nicole where you can at least get some intelligent conversation out of it.

Nov 2001

Nicole is a nice person. . . . out of class. In class, she becomes tedious, boring and utterly pedantic. Don't take class with her. If the ridiculous essay topics don't kill you, raping your fellow classmates' work will. She honestly sits in class and encourages her students to cannibalize each other's work, reveling in the bloodshed. L + R is painful enough without the sadism.