Kirsten Lentz

Nov 2001

Prof Lentz hardly deserved the title professor. It is not hard to believe this is the first time she has ever taught a class, and if it is not she certainly gives that impression. One quarter of the seminar time is devoted to logistical matters already made quite clear in her syllabus. If you want to be babied and degraded by a professor who is so insecure and about her own abilities and inexperienced that she feels threatened by her own students this is the course for you. Students are treated like they are in high school, as if they have never written a paper before in their lives. Don't ever dare to disagree with Lentz or she will immeditealy become enraged. For a low level class based on film, Lentz focuses far too much on the scholarship of the critical articles she assignes as the basis of the class readings. She is hopelessly devoted to these articles and seems to lack any outisde knowledge in the realm of history which is so critical to any study of gender and race in the United States. The subject material is genuinely interesting but it is presented in a tedious and bland manner for classes are generally pretty boring. Prof Lentz seems to lack any sense of logic and often doesn't even know the own contents of the articles she assigns. She treats the film critic, Laura Mulvey, as the omniscient goddess of all film. If you enjoy hearing a "professor" say "like" after every other word because she can't formulate her thoughts in full sentences, if you prefer a copious amount of profanity in casual seminar lecturing, and if you like a professor with the emotional energy of a deflated balloon, by all means this is the course for you.