Janet Cavallero

Oct 2003

I really enjoyed Janet's class. She's a very nice lady and understanding about things that pop up unexpectedly in student's lives. The lectures are also interesting and she's very open to students' comments and mindful that not everyoen comes in with the same level of experience.

Apr 2002

There's no need to be so harsh on J.C. She might be a tad boring, but she's such a sweet, sweet woman. She tries very hard, and is quite understanding. Her attempts to foster class participation alternate between asking questions that are too obvious or incomprehensible and too broad. The quality of the class will also heavily depend on the students themselves, ie, whether everyone insists on being comatose and braindead or volunteering intelligent comments. Unfortunately, the whir of the projector and the darkness of the room foster sleepiness and tuning out.... But hell, at least she's nice!

Dec 2001

There once was a girl who had a passion for art, who wanted to become an architect., who was told she had a talent for art. That girl took this class, and never picked up another brush, threw away her canvases, and became a biochem major, hating art for the rest of her life!