Alex Kontorovich

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jun 2005

Best math professor/teacher ive had. really knows how to relate to his students. He is incredibly young...graduated from princeton in 02 and is already close to having his phd...hes brilliant and teaches a lot. hell heckle you in class and make sure youre following, but it helps;

May 2005

I was really worried about taking this math class. I had heard a lot of bad things about the math department. The fact that this ended up being my favorite class had a lot to do with Alex. He's a great teacher and for those of you out there like me that need someone to explain math to you, you should definitely take this class. Alex really cares about his students and is passionate about what he is teaching. Also, I have to agree with all the reviews before me- he's adorable. I definitely had a crush on him all semester and I am sure he noticed- how embarressing! o well, it was a great class, and I highly recommend taking it.

Apr 2005

Alex is such a sweet guy... You would never expect a Math teacher to be so charismatic and funny... but thats him... He has a load of energy and a great personality. He is extremely approachable and an overall great guy. Do the homework, go to class, and ask for help when needed... study... but the curve is pretty nice... I would definitely recommend taking his class

Apr 2005

Definitely a good choice for calculus. He really wants his students to understand the material, and can explain things well. Also, he only teaches the stuff you have to know for the homework and tests, so classtime is never wasted. His grading is very generous and fair, which means that if you go to class and do the homework, even if you dont really understand the material, your grade will be at least a B, possibly even an A.

Jan 2005

Alex is an awesome awesome guy. Hes hysterical and keeps the class entertained. Hes extremly friendly and nice and caring and makes himself very very available for help. Hes a good teacher and is quite orgazined. The only down side is that he rushes through a lot of the material expecting us to have "mathematically inclined minds" and be able to get things right off bat. He also expected us to remember how to use trig formulas and other formulas I learned in high school three years ago. That part really sucked. The class also doesnt allow enough time for a real understanding of calc so I was often pretty confused and still dont feel like any of the material is tangible and actually matters to me. Thats just the structure of the class though. Seeking help in the math help room SUCKS. And there arent other places available to go for help (expect Alex ) so I was often really frustrated. He is really passionate about math and he is really adorable when he lights up talking about things hes working on or theories hes fascinated with. Overall a good class...I say this because Alex is a great professor with a great skill for teaching and keeping the class interested and also there is VERY generous curve so I walked away happy.

Dec 2004

I would just like to say that I fully agree with the previous post about Alex. (I don't know anybody who wouldn't want to marry this guy.. hehe) He is literally the BEST math teacher I have ever had.. I really can't even imagine having a better teacher. Alex speaks perfect English and goes at a good pace, always making sure everybody understands before moving on to a new subject. His quizzes and tests might seem a little hard but don't worry because his curves are AMAZING. I'm no math whiz and I ended up with an A on every quiz and test because of the awesome curve. Not only is Alex a great teacher but he seriously such a nice, funny guy. He will have you laughing really hard throughout class and before you know it you will be looking forward and enjoying math!

Dec 2004

After taking this class, not only will you want to marry this man but also you will learn a bit of calculus. From what I hear few people in the math department speak English at CU, so right off the bat you are ahead with this guy! You can understand him and more importantly he understands you. My first impression of the course was that it would be very difficult but once I got used to his testing methods Calc became resonable and fun almost. I actually enjoyed going to class, and you might even say I looked forward to it. YES! Alex has the best personality and can actually teach. He makes sure most are comfortable with the material before pushing forward and gives you plenty of opportunities to improve your grade. The curve is pretty sweet as well although I don't know what my final grade will be at this point. All i can say is take this class and you will be happy, even if don't do any work... you should just sit in and listen to him talk,,, oh love... oh joy... oh alex!