Stacy Lutz

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Apr 2007

take this class. she is amazing. a lovely person who truely wants to help you to do well. she does not work full time at cu, so she actually makes phone appointments in order to talk to you about your papers. also, it was an easier class, and the information seems easy. the lectures are really a recap of the reading from the previous night, so lectures are not that important to go to. you may think that it is easy until you get the exam back and notice that when you thought that you knew the info perfectly, she was looking for specific words. crazy grader, but easy information. the exams are essay questions that you mainly have before the exam, but memorize memorize memorize. she will be a stickler for specifics

Jan 2005

If you have any interest in this class, take it! Lutz knows her stuff. She explains everything to the best of her ability, even though some arrogant/ talkative students always had something to argue about. The two papers, that are graded by the TAs, are fair. Although you don't have to read everything assigned, she starts to pick up on it when she asks questions that you should know the answers to (from the readings). For the most part the readings are good but skip the really really big ones (if you need them for the paper later on you can just you the bullets to read the specific section). The only problem I had was that if someone was talking, if you dropped a pencil or if you itched your nose she saw it. Not only would she catch every movement but she would stop herself mid-sentence to ask them to please stop. She's cute but after a while it is distracting to the other 80+ students trying to listen to her lecture.

Dec 2004

While I signed up for this class hoping to have Dweck, Stacey Lutz was a suprise and a complete delight. She is smart, funny, and a really nice person in general. While she is hard to reach out of the classroom, the class was one of the best I've taken in Psych here. Personally, i love her cross-cultural analysis. She isn't afraid to go inter-disciplinary. Her lectures are seasoned with witty comments and great examples from life. The class was very straight forward, easy to understand, and interesting. Despite the size (which was really my only objection), she managed to facilitate interested discussions and keep everyone engaged. She has cute style (always the fishnets!) a sweet smile and is willing to let you challenge the theories. I really enjoyed her approach to the subject matter and I recommend her wholeheartedly if she teaches the class again.

Dec 2004

Dr. Lutz is an absolute sweetheart. She's very smart and funny. She is one of the few teachers I've ever had that simply wants you to learn what she has to offer. No tricks, not out to screw you. She also has extensive knowledge of anthropolgy and incorporates this into most discussions. The grading of the papers and exams (both essay) can be a little tough but everything you need to know is readily available. She has review sessions on the last day of class before each test where you can ask questions about the review sheet (which contains everything you need to know for the test).