Daniel Freund

Mar 2002

I strongly disagree with the other review. Dan is a really nice guy who sincerely wants to help his students. He goes out of his way to be supportive. Dan understands that L & R is very time-consuming, and he does everything possible to make the workload bearable. He always listens to what students have to say, and he never has to prove himself—he even brings in his own papers for students to critique. He’s really sweet and class is even fun. All in all, this is a very pleasant way to pass L & R.

Dec 2001

Mr. Freund's dislike of grades and his awful grasp of the English language were frustrating. Classes were boring and were only tangentially related to the topics in the class syllabus. Although his ever-changing class policies are deranged, he does bake excellent pies, and final grades were higher than expected.