Patricia Romero

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Oct 2007

More fun than you can possibly expect at 8am. You will learn Spanish in her class, whether you like it or not.

May 2007

Two words: Anger Management. Patricia is a capable teacher in regards to explaining the material and building a course outline that really makes you learn the material. Her attitude is another story entirely. I have never had an instructor with such dramatic mood swings. No one even close. When she's up, she's approachable, respectful, helpful, etc. A very pleasant person indeed. When she's irritated, probably half the time, she is completely unprofessional, yells at everyone who comes near her and is really just an embarrassment to the class and to herself. It's one thing to run a tight ship; it's something entirely different when you completely lack all ability to control your anger and impatience. Patricia needs to address the shortcomings in her personality if she expects the respect she so obviously craves.

Jan 2007

In response to the previous review, I would say that Patricia is hard on stragglers but only because Spanish I and II are a cakewalk compared to III and IV. It's not in her interest or the interest of the student to let people wallflower their way through Spanish. If you take her course and don't do the assigned reading, you can pretty much count on being called on AND put on the spot in front of everyone else. She doesn't do this to be mean but rather, in my opinion, to make sure that students do their best and are prepared for the road ahead. I also felt that Patricia included as much dialogue and conversation as she could without falling behind schedule. The Spanish department puts a tremendous amount of pressure on instructors to ensure that students all reach the same level before being passed on to the following class. My Spanish I instructor was a nice, laid-back lady that liked to chat with us in Spanish willynilly. Result: At the end of the semester we had one week to learn the preterit. Not only was the final that much more difficult as a result but it was that much more difficult to transition into Spanish II because one of the first lessons is the differences between the preterit and imperfect.

Dec 2006

Are there two Patricia Romero's?? I signed up for her based on the glowing reviews she got here and was totally disappointed. This is one moody lady--hard to predict or deal with at 8am. We did little to no actual speaking during class, mostly just listening (& watching!) her strut around class making big soap opera faces and "talking with her hands". She doesn't play favorites so much as she plays Least Favorites. There were a few students who clearly had had no prior Spanish. I'm not a fan of babying the stragglers but her method of waiting imperiously for the right answer after manymanymanymany failed attempts was unnecessarily humiliating and a total waste of time for the rest of us. She's also one of those control freaks who rails about being punctual but is frequently 10-15 minutes late to class herself. Take her if you miss your hot high school Spanish teacher and haven't figured out how to manage your own time and learning. But if you're an upperclassman and just finishing out your requirements, I'd say try somebody who cultivates interaction and conversation more than just having a captive audience. I'll end with something nice & say that she seems to like art & progressive politics....

Sep 2006

An incredible professor with a great teaching style. She is a very understanding, personable, and caring professor who truly tries to connect with her students. She is great with answering questions and balancing the use of Spanish and English in her course.

Jan 2006

Patricia is an extremely friendly teacher, who genuinely cares for her students. I found that throughout the semester she became more personable, which is sometimes lacking with teachers at columbia. Although this course covers much of the basics learned in high school, she does a great job of emphasizing them and is more than fair with her grading. By simply attening class and doing the work she assigns, you should be ready come grade time.

Jan 2005

Excellent professor! I think the department is losing her to Fordham, which is a tragedy for us ! She really cares about her students and teaches the class in a very orderly manner. I found this class to be a great introduction to Spanish and provided a greet foundation. The only thing I would worry about is her mood which is as unpredictable and varying as the new england weather. Stay on her good side, and you'll be golden.

Jan 2005

Patricia is a good teacher, and i would say most of the reviews of her are accurate. You don't ever get bored in her class, and she definately knows when to joke and when to be serious. Also, this class is a pretty easy one if you simply do the work. If you do ALL the work, it is not difficult to get an A. I would definately reccomend her, and I want to take her again.

Jun 2004

Patricia is a great professor. You will learn a lot of spanish that will be useful to you in the future. She likes to joke around but get down to work when it counts. She is great with extra credit and giving the class chances to redeem themselves on poor tests. She is not afraid of admitting if an exam was too hard, but she won't expect nothing than your best! If you participate in class, do all of your homework, and get decent grades on the quizzes, you are set. She writes recommendations too!!! Overall, she is the best spanish teacher I have ever had at Columbia. Take her from beginning to end and you'll be speaking spanish by the end of your third semester. Absolutely recommended. Estoy segura!

Feb 2004

An excellent teacher! I learned very much from her class and appreciate her teaching. She truly wants you to make an A and is very lenient and nice. If you have the chance to take her class, definitely take it -- it is worth it, even if it is at eight in the morning.

Aug 2003

she's one of the best prof's here at columbia. she' engaging and funny and teaches well. she always goes out of her way to make sure everyone understands everything. she offers A LOT of extra credit that helps A LOT. her tests are really fair and could be considered easy if you study well. she never tries to trick you on the exams.she's often got her mood swings and can go from hot to cold easily. but most of the time she's super sweet. just make sure you always check you tests cause she sometimes adds wrong and you end up w/ a lower grade than you're supposed to ...(however, fortunately for you... sometimes accidentally in your favor)

May 2003

Patricia is great. She knows how to teach and encourage students who are having trouble without letting her high standards slip. She has mood swings that can be surprising but is a very nice person. She loves goofing around with a class if she feels they're working hard and can trust them. Very open to extra credit. She comes accross as a nazi on the first day to scare people. She's really very nice and fair

Nov 2002

Patricia is wonderful, I highly recommend you take her class. She is nice and fun, and very, very fair. She has thrown out tests that we did overly poor on, plus she drops your lowest quiz grade at the end of the semester. Her teaching is clear, and her tests not hard at all. She has on occaision brought in food, and is generally friendly to all. She does have her grumpy days, so just be sure not to be late to class all the time or miss before midterms or exams, and you'll be fine with her. Taking your course with Patricia is a good idea

Mar 2002

Patricia is a wonderful professor. Although I find her class difficult I must say that she is fair. She is always available for office hours, after class, and does respond to emails. I would highly recommend her as an instructor.

Dec 2001

You picked a winner. She won't give you trouble with grades but if you bother putting forth any sort of effort on your own you'll learn plenty of Spanish. She has a good sense of when to lighten up and let the class joke around and when to get down to business. Everyone in class was trying to get into her class for the next semester.