Ilya Kofman

Jan 2020

He's actually not that bad as some of the previous reviews said. Calc III is painful, and I don't think Prof. Kofman is to blame. You can prepare for the exams by doing the review problems he gives in class. The exams are fair and very generously graded. He's probably the only professor I've met that offered a curve on a curve (this is from someone who has taken many HEAVILY curved STEM classes). He's willing to actually talk to and listen to you, and is very receptive to questions from students. While he does gloss over some topics somewhat quickly, he does slow down whenever students request (or when he senses that no one is really following). He offers a lot of interesting application examples (such as those related to Physics/Econ/CS, which make up the majors of a fair number of people in the class).

Dec 2019

Prefacing this by saying I'm not thrilled with my grade/wish I had done better in this class than I probably will end up doing. But despite a probable less than ideal grade, I enjoyed this class with Professor Kofman. Was the material hard? Yes. Did I not put in as much time studying for this class as I should have? Yes. Did I feel that Professor Kofman offered plenty of resources/genuinely wanted us to do well? Also Yes. I spent so much time during shopping week trying to find a calculus III section and, relative to the other professors teaching Calc III this semester, Professor Kofman was a standout. He clearly knows the material, he's humorous, and you can tell that he wants you to do well. He does go fast with the material but frequently stops to ask if anyone has questions. He refers to concepts that he can fairly assume you know, but you may find you need to brush up on some calc basics from time to time (ie derivatives, trig).

Oct 2019

Terrible class. Unreasonable amount of homework (both WebAssign and deliverable), midterms harder than the practice exams, professor goes over everything super fast and takes for granted that you know and understand a bunch of material that I had never seen in my entire life. Just don't take it. It's not worth it.

Apr 2018

Hiding the hurt, hiding the pain, Hiding the tears that fall like rain. Saying I'm fine when I'm anything but. This Calc class in my schedule rips at my gut.

Apr 2018

She stood on the bridge In silence and fear For the demons of Calc III Had driven her here.