Jessica Maier

Jan 2003

She seems nice enough on the first day, until you realize that this bleached blonde, sneaker-wearing cupcake hasn't got much of a heart or a brain. She loved the two Art History majors in our class (what the hell were they doing there anyway?), and condemned the rest of us to her hellish incessant ramblings about the Italian Renaissance (her specialty--don't expect much from any other time period). I took L&R, I got an A. She mercilessly shredded my papers for their "horrendous grammar" and "overbroad generalizations." The average grade was something like a C+ It's such a shame that Columbia chooses to place such mean and incapable people in a classroom. Maybe it's time to realize that good students don't necessarily make good teachers.

Sep 2002

I've never put so much effort into a class for so low a grade. If you are unfortunate to not have switched sections by now, don't spend too much time on her papers because, as the other reviewers have stated, you will not be compensated fairly for your efforts. Instead, concentrate more on all of your other classes to overcome the fact that this class WILL LOWER YOUR GPA. Make sure you know how to use a apostrophe to show singular possesive on names that end in "s."

Sep 2002

Expects too way too much of her students. Heavy on the papers, which are difficult to do; she has no idea that we are just learning Art History and do not have the skills to do formal analyses and comparisons of works. Then she insists that we not refer to outside references/sources, which are necessary to provide any clue as to what to write. Class is really boring, too. Shows millions of slides to demonstrate what is NOT an artist's style (!). Grades papers like it is L&R, but worse, because she is NOT an English professor and just wants you to write exactly as she would, and use the precise words she would. When the class was lost on how to do the papers, she gave a seminar on writing. Even if your content is good, she does not give A's. HARSH, UNFAIR grader, like the other reviewers said. Grade will not match your effort.

Sep 2002

Take her class if you don't mind being interrupted by students walking into class 20 minutes late every day, you have no interest in architecture (Frank Lloyd Wright and Charles-Edouard Jenneret-Gris were ignored despite being on the syllabus), and you think work by impressionists should be referred to as "the kind of work that is hung on bathroom walls." There really has to be something better out there, and her class will definitely NOT be a GPA booster for those more interested in the sciences instead of the arts.

Sep 2002

Stay away from her course. She lets people waste class time, grades papers very strictly (grammatical errors seem to affect your grade more than the actual content), and doesn't believe in grade inflation. If you want to do well in Art Hum and learn, then don't take her class. She may be a nice person, but that doesn't mean that I would ever recommend her.

Jan 2002

Nice enough, available to students, lets you come in late to class. class discussion was uninteresting though, as the other reviewer said certain students talked almost the entire time without shutting up, she didn't stop them from wasting time.

Dec 2001

Sure she made herself available to her students and relieved work assignments when times were tough, but her class was a joke. She was unengaging and allowed certain students to dominate not only classroom "discussion" but also her own voice. Stay away from her art hum class. There's got to be something better out there.