Arthur Kuflik

May 2006

Prof Kuflik is great, as is the class. Prof. Kuflik works hard to incorporate teaching and class discussion. He takes as much time as he can afford to hear what people have to say during class. His lectures are informative and rarely boring. He is very helpful in office hours, and will do anything to accomodate questions and concerns from students.

Jan 2006

I strongly disagree with the other reviews. Professor Kuflik is an intelligent, caring professor who will take the time to speak to you about anything, give feedback and advice, and generally be as helpful as possible. Like every other class, you get out of it what you put into it. I took bioethics over the summer, so yes, the three hour classes twice a week were a bit much. But the workload was very reasonable and the classes were stimulating. Prof. Kuflik went over the readings and added a lot of useful information and insights and always took time for comments and questions. Overall, I loved the class.

Feb 2005

I have heard other students recommend Kuflik, and all of them mentioned that the thing they liked about him was that he is a very easy grader. Mainly because he is not really interested in teaching undergraduates and therefore doesn't bother putting too much time and effort into grading. The lectures were informative enough, though. My experience of him was along the same lines, and if you are interested in an easy course or are one of those very special people who likes to monopolize class disscussions revealing the breadth of your prep school derived insight, you'll like him. To be fair, he did encourage class discussion. But he did allow one or two kiddos to overindulge themselves at the expense of time that would have been better spent on lecture. The problem I have with Kuflik is that he does lead his class as if he is addressing a very bright group of high school freshmen. It made feel rather queasy, and the content of the class was not rewarding enough to make that queasiness worth it. I actually missed a couple of classes simply because I didn't have the stomach to sit through another lecture where I felt the need to tune out Kuflik's tone. Obviously, not everyone is bothered by this and admittedly, my tolerance for condescention is pretty low. But no teacher at CU (or anywhere else, for that matter) irritated that raw nerve the way Kuflik did.

Dec 2004

**STAY AWAY!!!** In all of my other reviews, I make a conscious effort to give a balanced review, since most profs have their good points and bad points. KUFLIK IS PERHAPS THE WORST PROFESSOR I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED. Bioethics should be a fascinating course, but he absolutely ruined it. The texts we read were interested, and I was encouraged when I walked into the first class and saw we'd be sitting around a big table. But instead, Kuflik took up the entire time rambling and basically doing nothing but recapping what we read--but taking 3 hours to do it. If someone had an opinion that was slightly different from his, he would barely entertain it, and sometimes blatantly shoot it down. His lectures were unorganized and boring and brought little or nothing to the texts we read. If you want to learn about Bioethics, buy the textbook, and read it on your own, but DO NOT TAKE THIS COURSE.