Susana Asensio

Dec 2002

This 2-credit "discussion" class was a total disaster and was the worst thing I've ever taken at Columbia. THere was little discussion at all; the instructor merely disagreed with whatever anyone had to say and then lectured (on stuff like the origins of superstitions in South America), as though the point of the course was actually to learn material (we all took it to improve our speaking!!!). To her credit, she was patient with those who had trouble speaking, and my skills did improve a bit, but she was so intimidating and arrogant that I was afraid to speak and left every class sweaty and gross. What a disappointment this class was. Also--why should native speakers be allowed to take a discussion course like this? It doesn't help me to improve my oral skills when half the class already has mile-a-minute speech.

Jan 2002

Awful. I truly hated susana's spanish class. It was a painful experience. susana is a dictator. She enjoys controlling the class and frustrating her students. Worst of all, she rarely obeyed the clock. She ended almost every session 15 minutes late. Eventually, i began walking out when class was supposed to end. I am sure that this affected my grade. In conclusion, Susana really turned me off to Spanish and I will never forgive her.

Dec 2001

Susana Asensio's Spanish class was exceedingly frustrating and tedious. Although she took over for a Columbia professor mid-way through the semester, she jumped right in and quickly left the majority of her students confused and frustrated. She has little patience for those who can't understand her mile-a-minute speech, and never gives clear answers to questions regarding anything from assignments to the material in general. Though she appears friendly, she's often regarded as unapproachable and highly demanding, which seems to leave her wondering why no one raises their hand in class to ask questions after the first day. Frequently, her students are left to gather outside the classroom after class in order to gain a general understanding of what occurred in class that day and what the assignment was, which would some days be 9 workbook assignments or an entire Spanish novel. Beware!