Ben Soskis

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Oct 2007

Ben is flippin awesome--funny, self-deprecating, and dazzles with his mini lectures and his ability to steer discussion into productive channels. For a good time, go with Ben.

Jan 2005

By far the best TA I have ever had. Intelligent, humorous, and well-spoken, he did a fine job leading discussion. He was more than willing to meet with students about papers and help generate topic ideas. I am sure he will be a great professor someday.

Dec 2004

Ben is sweetness. He seems nervous and shy the first time he teaches class, and he never loses that demeanor but you eventually learn he has some of the best nerdy humor around. At first I was afraid he wasn't going to lead a discussion well enough or be commanding enough but not only was he adequate to the job he also made discussion pretty relaxed and fun.