Silvia Stoyanova

Jun 2003

I beg to differ with the previous response. Although Silvia is very nice and very knowledgeable, I found her teaching style less than adequate. We were often assigned chapters to learn on our own and then received little instruction in class other than lots of book exercises , making hte class dismally boring. I often felt I was teaching myself Italian. I would not recommend this teacher.

Jan 2002

Silvia is excellent. She is careful, attentive, and will answer every question you have. Although she's not a native speaker (she's Bulgarian) her Italian accent isn't a problem, and it actually helps to have a non-native speaker teaching you because she probably had the same problems when learning Italian as you're likely to encounter - this makes it easier for her to identify problem spots for students. She's great fun too... she made us three home-cooked meals. If you have Silvia, make sure you hold on to her - she's absolutely brilliant!