Shanna Richman

Mar 2003

This class was basically a waste of time. She missed at least 4 classes and gave students the option of leaving several others. Coming to class was almost pointless, and I regret having attended the majority of sessions. If you read the textbook and don't go to class you'd be wise.

Jan 2003

All the other people were right about her she is Horrible. Read the other reviews they were right on target. Run far away from this class

Jan 2002

This is the Intro course from hell.... You might as well just buy the book and teach yourself because she surely will not help you... only confuse you and miss classes.... She sure does love her drugs however if I may quote the esteemed professor "Morphine has no effect on me." (Yeah, you and a 20 ton elephant....) Avoid her if you can, but if you want to get into any interesting courses unfortunatly you must suffer through this one.