Tianhu Hao

Nov 2004

Tianhu was possibly the best instructor I've had in my four years at Columbia. He really takes the time out to listen to his pupils. He's also a very creative instructor. I particularly loved one essay prompt he assigned: "Prove the existence of feces or squirrels. Choose one." Man, my friends had the boringest assignments.

Feb 2003

Although it is annoying that Tianhu does not speak English, and is very frustrating when student and teacher have trouble understanding each other... he actually wasnÂ’t as bad as the other reviews made him out to be. My words of wisdom: start out writing well... he tended to give the same grade for the entire semester as he did on the first papers.

Aug 2002

Mr. Hao is quite possibly the worst teacher I've ever experienced. One might think that speaking English is a requirement to teach a course based on the English language.. NOT SO! Mr. Hao's presence in the department is proof of the lax standards of TAs in that department. He frequently misunderstands words. Once, he misunderstood a question, and just answered something completely different. This was in FLAGRANT disregard to students who were trying to explain the question. When he finally stopped, it took 5 tries until he understood the question, at which point he decided to ignore it, and just went on teaching. I'd take the other person't advice on this man. Run. just RUN! His grammar's okay tho, he just memorized the english language rules verbatim from the manual. So don't expect him to be able to explain to you why something is a certain way. He can't. RUN!!

Apr 2002

This is the worst class I have ever taken in my life. One might think that to teach logic and rhetoric, a firm grasp of english is neccessary. On the contrary, Tianhu demonstrates that anyone can be a L and R professor. He can't speak, write, or grade in English and often skips over questions and words that he doesnt understand. His essay topics are bizarre and morbid; once we had to write about the fine art of hanging and another time we had to try and prove God's existence (since he is an atheist he gave us all bad grades.) [............................CULPA SENSOR..............................]

Apr 2002

I would have thought that you had to be able to speak English to be allowed to teach Logic and Rhetoric. I guess not. Do yourself a favor and either check the hell out or learn to speak Chinese. I didn't understand a word he said all semester.

Jan 2002

Run away as fast as you can... GO!