Patricia Kenny

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Nov 2005

Professor Kenny is so genuine. That is the best word to describe her. She's friendly, genuine and helpful. She understands that Statistics isn't for everyone and tries her best to make the exams manageable for everyone. It's amazing. I know some people find her lectures boring, but I would actually pay attention and find it interesting because of her real-life examples that I could relate to or at least that I could use to connect to the math. If you're really bad at math, then reading each chapter before it's discussed in class is extremely helpful because you'll be prepared with questions and the lecture will reinforce that you've read. If you're awesome with math, then reading before class might make the lecture seen redundant. The exams are fair. The grading is generous. She's very accessible (she gives you her phone number) and she remembers your name and wants to help you out. It's an overall great package, especially since I suck at math.

Oct 2005

This woman is such a sweetheart--I hate math, but love her! Lectures are boring (because of the unavoidable math aspect) but she is helpful and so welcoming of questions, and makes lectures very lighthearted. If you are pretty good at learning on your own it might be really monotonous (she goes pretty slowly) but you can always skip out on lecture as long as you go to recitation (where the homework, weekly chapter in a workbook, very doable, is gone over THOROUGHLY) you'll be fine. Bottom Line: if you have to learn statistics you might as well learn it from one of the nicest professors around.

May 2004

I took this course because this professor has received so many wonderful reviews. I was extremely disappointed with the class and the professor. If you have ANY knowledge of math in the slightest, this class is slow, boring, and you often feel like you know more than the professor. She is extremely disorganized in her notes and often admitted that she explained concepts wrong, She depended on the answer key to go over the workbook problems, and seemed to have no idea of how to explain the material in another way. I hated going to class more than anything, and luckily, the class is geared so you can miss class, not do the work, and still get an A. I left the class with an A, but with no real understanding of statistics, because the exams were handed to you with all equations and all you had to do was put it in your calculator. If you want a brainless A, this class is for you, but if you have any desire to actually learn, take it from another professor.

Jan 2004

Kenny is really nice, a great teacher--especially for those of us who really suck at math (myself included). I have not gotten an A in a math-related course since...I don't even know when but I did in this class! I struggled in it a bit, I am not gonna lie but she drops two test grades and I am pretty sure that is what did it for me. I truly have no idea otherwise how I got this grade but I sure as hell am happy I took the class. She is a pleasure to be around and truly enjoys teaching. Don't feel like you can't crack a joke every once in a while either. Most people are really quiet but she is not averse to having some fun in there. She told me that she appreciated my sense of humor and making her laugh. I totally recommend this course and this teacher.

Dec 2003

I love this woman! As someone who has avoided math for the past 2 years of college, I don't know what I would've done without Professor Kenny. She is patient, intelligent, and well-organized. She tells you exactly what she expects you to know on each test and encourages you to ask questions. She even gives out her home phone number before tests. Her lectures were always helpful and informative and clearly planned. She also has a sense of humor, which helps in a math course, and shows a genuine interest and enthusiasm for statistics that's not overbearing. I think I actually LIKE stats now, and I really don't enjoy math. If you must take statistics, take it with Professor Kenny.

Jan 2003

Professor Kenny is a truly excellent professor. She understands where students are coming from and does her best to make statistics accessible for everyone. She explains everything thoroughly and if more help is needed, she is always available by email, office hours, and even phone. The textbook and workbook are a little goofy but they explain what is needed. Recitation is used to go over homework problems and never goes the full time. She does not expect any memorization--she gives out the formulae for the tests. Take advantage of her generosity!!!! It is definitely worth it to wait to take stats with her!!

Nov 2002

This woman is amazing. She is probably the first real teacher I have had since coming to Barnard. She defines a good teacher. Not only does she explain the material very well during class (even though it gets a little dull at some points) she is still willing to meet with you, talk to you on the phone or via email until she feels that you understand the material. She does not just put a formula on the board and expect you to know it, but rather explains why that formula works and how it works. And when she does not know, she doesnt make up an answer but is completely honest and does not expect her students to understand something she does not even understand herself. She is a priceless gem, if you are a psych major or just trying to get out of your math requirement easily take this class with this woman, she is a great teacher.

May 2002

Prof. Kenny is a really sweet and understanding professor overall. I thought that there were times that she surprised me-especially in the middle of the semester, she moved quickly through the topics. I was confused during that period. I think she is clear and straightforward with the beginning topics (the easiest ones). She is fair though. If you can do well on her take home, you should be fine if the final goes okay for you. In thinking about her compared to the other profs. for stats, she's probably the one to take it with. She's always willing to help, whether by email or phone.

May 2002

Kenny is the sweetest woman on earth. Okay, so it can get a little boring at times, but she literally takes you by the hand and drags you through this class whether you want to learn stat or not. She gears it towards the petrified of math psych major, and is the most easily accessible person ever. She gives out her home numbers and encourages you to use it. Recitations only went for an hour, tops, and they run by voluntary participations, so you really dont have to do anything. She made this mandatory class very bearable. Shes also a very generous grader, which is a definite plus.

Jan 2002

Professor Kenny's teaching style is geared towards people who have no mathematical background which is good for those who are forced to take this course as a requirement for the Psychology major. She knows her material well and takes the time and effort to learn all of her students names. She will spend as much time as is necessary on certain concepts even if it intereferes with her syllabus. She tells the class beforehand exactly what will be covered on the tests and provides a formula sheet. There are no surprises and she is a generous grader who gives many opportunities for extra credit. At the end of this class you will really know the material and have an appreciation for statistics that you may have doubted even existed before you began. If you want to understand statistics and do well, take stat with professor Kenny.