Kathryn Jay

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Jan 2004

Jay teaches this class like a real college history class!! OH NO!! If you're afraid of reading, studying, details, names, the other direction fast. Otherwise, there's a lot of material covered in this class that'll really, truly change the way you think about the Civil Rights movements, the Christian Right, Environmentalism, Feminism, and so on. The most interesting part for me was seeing how the movements all shared a lot of components on a larger level. A good class, but not an easy one.

Dec 2003

Sure we all know about MLK Jr and Selma, Alabama... this class goes beyond that though. Prof Jay provides us the facts, the names and dates, so that when we talk about civil right, anti-vietnam war, womens lib, gay rights, the christian right, and environmentalists, we can talk intelligently and know the driving forces behin the movements, not just the major moments and the faces at the head of the movements. The class does a wonderful job of relating the movements to one another, and thought KJ as a historian largely relies on the factual details in order to build a full picture for her students, she also is very careful about allowing time for questions and discussion to assure that students take the time in class to digest all the theory through the facts she provides. If you like well organized and straightforward classes, you'll like this. If you're interested in movements, too, you'll love it (though probably not with a passion). She passes around an attendance sheet every once in a while, so make sure you go to class.

Sep 2003

Most students in this class found it an interesting ACADEMIC subject. Jay teaches what issues, tactics, strategies, and institutions social movements share. She is attempting to explain the structural similarity in goals of the different movements and the resulting similarity in organizaitons, actions, and consciousness raising of each. Let me repeat- most of the people in the class were studying it academically. I was involved in a social movement and used the lessons from the class extensively. I continue to use them to this day. Great class for an activist to take. Great class for anyone attempting social change to take. If you don't understand why the Christian Right is more like the Radical Left than unlike then take this class.

Jul 2003

A fun class, period. Disclaimer: you must have a sincere interest in sports. Not just baseball or basketball but sports as a discipline. This class isn't memorizing batting averages of the '39 Yankees, as Jay says on the first day. This is what makes the class so great. You learn to appreciate the world of sports as a microcosm of social movements and trends since the early 1800s. Overall a fun class you'll enjoy going to.

May 2003

If you like sports, then this is the perfect class for you. Prof. Jay does a fine job of chronicling sports from the 19th century to present times. Her lectures are both interesting and insightful, and class discussion makes the course more enjoyable. Holding a lottery at the beginning of the semester made a number of people unhappy, but it's a class that works much better with 50 than 80 or 90. Jay also gets her students involved more by having groups present a project on college sports each week, or by having us play basketball under 1900 rules. My only criticism of Jay would be that like many Barnard professors, she talks far too much about sex. Going in depth about Eguene Sandow and the perfect male body, or learning that Sandy Koufax's attractiveness or Johnny Unitas' masculinity were essential to their popularity was somewhat overblown. Regardless, for sports enthusiasts, this class is definitely worth your time.

Jan 2002

Though the topic was interesting, it wasn't presented in the most interesting way. Jay's lectures were a journey back to high school history class: name, date and event memorization. But I would recommend the class, if just to get some surface knowledge about some of the most interesting events in American history.