Jason Freitag

Jun 2002

Freitag (who does the Indian half of the class) isn't so bad, I think, but I'd avoid this class like the plague. I think Freitag knows his stuff and might be interesting given a more specific topic and students who care. Unfortunately, this class is incredibly general - you will learn absolutely nothing - and the profs are always met with a sea of bored faces (and the occasional loud snoring, of course). My instinct is that Freitag is a pretty good person and would be happy to work personally with students, but that didn't happen in this class 'cause we had TAs (avoid George Fiske at all costs!!).

May 2002

freitag is evil. he doesnt answer student email and seemed to hate us all. and he is boring. but the class is easy.

Apr 2002

Not the most animated individual in the classroom (although his wife did just have a baby so I doubt sleep ranked high on his to-do list), I felt that we got a pretty thorough analysis of the texts. Class discussion went from non-existant to tangental. The paper grading was very easy. And, taking the opposite view of the previous poster, I have to assert that the exams were even easier. Yes, you had to have read all of the text (oh no! not reading!) but if you had a sense of each author's main points, it was an easy A or A(+).

Jan 2002

At first, I thought he was really boring. As the semester progressed, however, he showed his sense of humor and dry wit, which made the class far more interesting. (It was probably anxiety from his wife expecting a child - he became far more animated after she gave birth.) I felt that he could have done a lot more to direct the class discussions - we often went on tangents for large portions of the class time, and weren't able to talk about everything in the books that I felt was worth discussing. Grading on the papers was very easy, but the exams were nightmares. The passage IDs were hell. It was virtually impossible (for me) to distinguish one book from another, especially when half of them discuss the same few topics. Furthermore, he expected pretty thorough interpretations of the IDs, which, considering that most of the books weren't adequately discussed in class, wasn't easy. Well, I guess the easy papers made up for the hard exams to some extent. On the whole, CC hasn't been a particularly enjoyable experience, but that's probably because I enjoyed Lit Hum so much last year that I came into CC expecting a lot.