Sheldon Weinig

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

May 2018

Meaning no disrespect, I genuinely believe that the years have taken their toll on Professor Weinig and that he presently borders on senility. He is incredibly quick to anger and personal tirades against students are omnipresent. He seems to forget what he says as soon as he says it and visibly struggles with the handful of very basic arthritic problems that this course covers. His handwriting is barely legible and lectures are often rambling without any coherent goal or subject matter. The assignments and exams are quite literally graded almost arbitrarily and be forewarned that any attempt to discuss grades with him will result in lengthy and probably public verbal abuse. That all duly noted, this individual has some interesting stories and words of wisdom do escape him sporadically. I personally do not believe these balance out with the abuse you will suffer and the random grade that will be applied to your GPA.

May 2005

Wonderful. Professor Weinig is a retired businessman and an ex-VP of Sony America. He will guide you through the manufacturing business, and how it's like to be an entrepreneur in the material industry. You'll learn a lot of random yet valuable lessons you cannot find in textbooks. If you seriously want to learn about manufacturing enterprise, this is the course to take. If you just want to get an A and get a nice job at Goldman, maybe not.

Dec 2004

A wonderful professor, with a lot of interesting experiences/lessons. If you are in interested in any type of business/management, you should definitely consider taking a class with prof Weinig. The grading is tough, but I have learned from this course much more than any other courses in IEOR department.

Jan 2002

Don't be mislead by reviews that were done before final grades came out! The class is great, but grading is quite tough. I personally thought the class was the best management/business class I have had-- the professor is quite knowledge, witty, no bullshit. Fantastic, enjoyable class. But, even if you know everything and the class isn't hard-- the grading is ridiculous. He doesn't give Columbia Students credit. Student feedback is nill till you get your low final grades. I worked, participated in class, had the right answers-- but got a B.