Irene Alameda Nieto

Apr 2002

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Though we did not go into great detail in many of the books we read, I got what I wanted out of the class. For students looking for a lit hum class that tears apart the numerous themes of the books, this is not the class for you. For the rest of us, this class is where to be. Most of the class discussions came from Irene asking us to tell her more things. The laid back atmosphere made for a great environment. It was a great way to fulfill a requirement that so many people hate.

Jan 2002

Irene is a Spanish teacher teaching a Greek literature class. Is there much else to say? She constantly mixes in random Spanish words with her speech, and RARELY gives any A's on papers or tests. Our class had difficulty determining what we were supposed to be discussing when she would pose a question to us, and most of the stuff I learned last semester came from Cliffs notes and online literature sources. Luckily, she scales up all of the grades at the end of the semester...or else everyone would end up with B-s. If she didnt' do that...whew...I would have paid big money to get out of that class.