Alan Farmer

Mar 2004

I like him. He does a good job of engaging the class, and his looks are a definite plus (easy on the eyes!). He fills the class with many anecdotes, and it seems like he actually cares about teaching us. He's also very accessable outside of class. Any flaws exist with the class, not him as a professor. Legacy is a GREAT class to take for first-year english - it has the best syllabus by FAR! Paradise Lost, Candide, Frankenstein, Heart of Darkness, To the Lighthouse, Their Eyes Were Watching God, & many shorter works such as Freud or the Communist Manifesto. EXCELLENT readings everyone should read at some point anyway. I the problem with the class is that there is SO MUCH material, I don't feel like we spend nearly enough time on any of it. It also sucks that you can't see what professor you have when you sign up for the class, b/c Farmer is a pretty awesome guy. Just be forewarned - he gives the class a lot more work than the other classes. We were on our third paper when the other 1st year english classes were only turning in their first! & both drafts are graded :-/

Jan 2002

When all is said & done, after you've spent weeks trying to figure him out, you discover the man is a total jerk. Plays mind games & is a serious *******[CULPA CENSOR]. Avoid him.