George Rush

Apr 2002

Take George's class! Fun, relaxed, and extremely helpful, George allowed everyone in the class to reach their fullest potential, even those scared that they "couldn't draw." He is a master at constructive criticism(he's entertaining when he critiques, just ignore it when he occasionally finds sexual innuendo), and he further inspires by connecting your work with past and present art masters. So, enjoy George, be yourself, and enjoy art to the fullest!

Jan 2002

At first you might think that you got the wrong professor, because the work load that he gives you is much larger than other professors such as as Stuart Diamond. However, in my class, there were lots of people who absolutely loved doing the work out of their own will, which I think it's great. Generally, I think George is a great professor to have. I think he really respects your individuality and tries to see things much more beyond technique in your drawings. However, of course, technique is also accounted for. I think overall he is really a cool guy and although the work might be a little more than other classes, you will not regret it and enjoy his class very much.