Hillery Hugg

Feb 2003

Before this class I used to enjoy writing. This woman destroyed any confidence I had in my own writing ability. I got a B+ in my first paper. That was the highest grade I got all semester. My grades went progressively downhill. It really doesn't matter how long or hard you spend writing a paper, don't expect anything better than a A-/B+. She never actually gave anyone a flat A-. In class expect to have your essay ripped apart infront of you. She will pick at every slightest thing and she will use them as reasons for pulling down your grade to the B/C region. At the end of her classes you will feel like standing up and telling her to write an "A grade" essay just to see what the hell it is you need to do to get an A in her class. She is also very unobjective. Her feelings towards you will determine your grade. Her class is uncruved therfore your average essay grade will be your overall grade, unless she dislikes you, in which case she will shoot you down on class participation and will give you a worse grade. She is unbelievably uptight. She shows no leniency. If you are so much as 2 minutes late, she will mark you down as late. Her polite arrogance will eventually get to you. As you will see, the bottom line with her is she is always right. Do whatever you can to get out of this section. Find any excuse. Just get out.

Jan 2003

Ms. Hugg is definately one of the best teachers i have ever had. While most freshman were complaining about how horrible their classes were, most of the poeple my class were enjoying it. Oddly enough, i enjoyed this class the most. I have no idea what this "uptightness" is that people seem to be talking about. She's an encouraging teacher who's available for help anytime..make sure you utilize her office hours, she's more than willing to help. The only person who didn't enjoy it was some kid who wasn't properly following the assignment so...surprise surprise.

Dec 2002

Ms. Hugg made what could have been the most hellish course in this University a great experience. She brings tremendous skill and ability to helping with writing assignments, which were always interesting and stimulating, something that will be changing with the adoption of the pilot course next year. Her grading is low on assignments, but she came through at the end of the course. It will be her last semester teaching in the spring (2003), so do whatever the hell you can to get in. Previous reviews have derided her 'uptightness', but I did not see a trace of it this semester, even though my class was filled with individuals who can test anyones patience. Get to class on time, don't hand in assignments late and open your mouth in class. Ms. Hugg is funny, engaging, and has a downright gorgeous Texan smile. She made getting up at 9 in the morning a cinch.

Jan 2002

Very tough grader. Very uptight. You will learn, but you may not get a good (B) grade. You may want to find another section if you can't deal with her uptightness. (If you find yourself in her section, you will know what I mean by the first or second day of classes.)