Spencer Cole

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

May 2006

Spencer was one of the best teachers I have ever had. If you get Lit Hum with, you are incredibly lucky. He made Lit Hum the most enjoyable class EVER. He is incredibly relaxed about work, and his extra readings are awesome.

Oct 2004

Spencer was a great professor. Our class wasn't super engaging, but it was at 9 in the morning, so, I'll forgive us. Spencer tries really hard to get the conversation going, and especially first semester, brings a lot to understanding the texts with his knowledge of Ancient Greek. He's very understanding as a professor.

Sep 2004

Spencer is an amazing teacher and a really great guy.

May 2002

You cannot do better for a language instructor. He is phenomenally patient and will always try to make to make you feel better about a making mistakes. (His buzz phrase - after slight pause when the student makes a particularly egregious error or clearly has no idea what to do - "yeees, this is tricky"). The class consists of carefully going over the assigned grammar or translation from the past days' homework. Since this is all done in-class, you will have unparelled opportunities to screw up in front of everybody - Spencer's real gift is nudging everyone along when no one wants to volunteer, which is practically all the time. Latin is a really hard language to learn and he seems to appreciate that. I had a couple of romance languages under my belt and was not prepared for such a difficult time with the grammer and translating. But Spencer clearly wants his students to do well and is willing to keep going over those "tricky" points that people are having trouble with. A real find in the language department.

Mar 2002

Spencer is a great teacher to have in an intermediate level course like this. If you've just started Latin his style allows you to learn how to translate Latin texts (a skill not truly learned in intro classes) and if you're taking the class for review (as I did) it helps you to get a really good grasp of grammar and its exceptions and poetic Latin. In each class we went over the assigment from the night before so that everyone could get the proper translation. Spencer required that students translate the passage but managed never to make anyone feel bad when he corrected a mistake. He never made a student agonize over a difficult passage but was always willing to jump in and help. I reviewed all my grammar without ever really realizing it. Spencer's reviews were short and textually relevant. Plus, none of the quizzes or exams were on new material, so as long as you went to class and corrected your translation and had a decent memory you were guaranteed an A. Spencer was not a phenomenal lecturer and didn't try particularly hard to befriend his students, but he was clear and approachable and taught me to translate better than I have been able to before. I had to do all the homework and go to the classes, but it was worth it. Spencer's is definitely a section to seek out among mediocre grad student-taught language classes.