Anne DuToit

Apr 2005

Mlle Dutoit (she goes by Annie) is a genuinely kind and lighthearted person. That said, she is not the most enthralling teacher. Classes are grammar-intensive and tend to drag on as it doesn't take very long for fill-in-the-blank worksheets to get old. Homework is minimal, but if you're searching for a class that will truly improve your grasp of practical French, this just isn't it. At semester's end, you may know the imparfait cold, but you'll have spoken hardly any casual French all course long. If you just want to get the Core language requirement out of the way, this class works just fine. Barnard language only meets twice a week, which is very scheduling friendly, but it might be in your better interest to look elsewhere.

Jan 2005

Annie Dutoit is by far the coolest language professor Ive ever had, and Ive been around the block. Shes comitted to having the students understanding the material in the funnest most comprehensive way she can. Shes fun in class, so clear and direct, DEFINETLY take her class.