Michael Agnew

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jan 2005

Michael Agnew rocks my world. Girls, look out. You WILL have a crush on him, at least temporarily. He's brilliant but just the slightest bit unsure of himself which is so cute. You can never be wrong in his class because he will take your sloppy answer and make it relevant to the discussion. He will ALWAYS find time to meet with you in office hours, and he is accessible via e-mail if you prefer that. His comments on your essays and original poetry are extensive, so you can tell that he really took time and read your work. (The flip-side of this is that you cannot bullshit too much, because he will see it and call you out, gently though.) My only complaint is that he did not manage the overwhelming number of readings very well. We spent 3 or four classes on Poema de mio Cid, and two or three other readings, and then had to rush through everything else, and even had to cut a few things. But he told us he is petitioning to adjust the workload to five main readings and some poetry, which would be about right. Also the class is a little too big, but he's working on that too. Overall, he is wonderful. Oh and after a time, you will see that he is goofy and your crush will wain, but you will still think he's great. Take his class.

Jan 2005

Michael Agnew, not surprisingly (considering his status as head of the Spanish department), is one of the most knowledgeable professors I've ever had. He will positively blow you away with his extensive grasp of about five different varieties of pre-1492 Spanish dialects as well as cultural and historical context. His passion for the literature abounds, and his energy definitely transfers over into his involvement in the class. He would write comments almost as lengthy as the essays we wrote for him. All of his work is thorough and, more importantly, sincere. For all his knowledge, he is in no way patronizing or condescending. He really sympathizes with any diffculties his students encounter and even offers anecdotes about his own feelings of inadequacy "at your age." He's a really great man and a fascinating lecturer. Take this class and, furthermore, if he offers extra credit again, take him up on it! Michael is an exemplary professor, and what he could be flaunting in self-aggrandizement he offers in the form of genuine help and concern.

Jul 2003

A year of Lit Hum with Michael conjurs up many superlatives, but the best description of this young and talented professor is scholarly. Michael brings an inordinate amount of classical and contemporary knowledge to the classroom, providing for a Lit Hum experience like no other. His knowledge of languages alone is stunning, and he supplements each text with insight about each time period covered. He is an extremly warm and helpful mentor, making his students feel like collegues rather then freshmen. He demands thourough work and close textual analysis, but hard work and participation will pay off.

Nov 2002

Michael is the BEST professor I have at Columbia. He is extremely knowledgable. Most importantly, he is a great person: approachable, upright, humorous, and considerate to students. Try everything to take his class.

Aug 2002

Let me just say that this guy is my personal hero. He is SO smart and SO interesting, and he constantly works to get his students interested in the material. We watched at least 3 or 4 movies as a class and went on 2 or 3 field trips. Plus, our final reading second semester was a MOVIE (2001: A Space Odyssey), rather than another book. Added bonus: he's also a really nice person. Count your lucky stars if you get MIchael.

Mar 2002

Michael is extremely knowledgeable in what he does. He brings massive amounts of outside knowledge to the class, some of which is irrelevant. His voice can get monotonous; however, if you keep up with the reading he ties all the works together really well. Tough grader though.