Wei Shang

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Sep 2005

This is one of the best courses I have taken at Columbia. Prof. Shang is very friendly and approachable. In a big class of 25 people he made sure everybody understood the material and had a chance to speak up. Also he was always well prepared and raised a lot of provoking questions in class. Readings are of reasonal amount, given it is a 4 credit course. If you have done most readings and understand the main concepts, it should not be hard to get a good grade. Prof. Shang accepts new ideas and different perspectives, which makes this class more interesting than other EALAC ones. I had some personal matters last semester which made me absent from a couple of classes. Prof. Shang literrally approached me and sent me his kind concerns - this is definitely the most caring teacher I have seen at Columbia and I do recommend students to take this course with him!

May 2005

Really nice guy. Reasonable reading assignments. Fosters low-key classroom atmosphere. Not the best at fasciliating discussion, but pretty good. Had some really interesting things to say.

May 2005

Very nice, very approachable and intelligent professor. The class itself was a little dull, mostly due to lack of good conversation from the students, but he always did his best to discuss the texts and ask questions to stimulate the class. I took this class for the major cultures requirement, and I was definitely pleased to have had professor Shang.

Mar 2002

Very nice guy and always receptive to student opinions. From what I can tell this is one of the best Major Text sections; the professor runs discussions well and the readings are assigned in a realistic manner. This may be the only section that does not foist 700 pages of the Tale of Genji on all of the students as one week's reading. Generally a good experience; if you are going to take Major Texts and don't want just straight lectures, try for this section.